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File a claim if you bought defective LuLaRoe leggings in the past year.

LuLaRoe Refunds

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About this Case

 Terri Doran is a self-employed, single mom from Keizer, Oregon, who cares for her 86-year-old mother. Spending $25 on leggings is a big splurge for her. Terri Doran bought leggings from LuLaRoe in December 2016 and January 2017. Soon after wearing LuLaRoe’s leggings for the first time, Terri Doran was shocked to see fading and holes developing in the rear.

LuLaRoe Leggings Lawsuit

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LuLaRoe’s corporate policy prohibits refunds after its leggings are worn. Undeterred, Terri Doran tried but was unable to repair LuLaRoe’s defective leggings herself. Terri Doran’s $25 splurge on LuLaRoe leggings turned out to be a complete rip-off. After doing some research, Terri Doran discovered that she wasn’t alone. As of the date of this complaint, a Facebook group dedicated to LuLaRoe legging complaints has almost 25,000 members.

LuLaRoe Complaints

LuLaRoe complaints to the Better Business Bureau about LuLaRoe’s defective leggings from consumers across the country continue to pour in. Having no other choice to make things right, Terri Doran is standing her ground. Terri Doran brings her complaint as a class action on behalf of everyone else who was ripped off by LuLaRoe’s defective leggings in the past year.

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